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Back in the Day

Back in the Day     My 50th high school reunion has got me thinking back to a totally different world.  It was a simpler, more innocent time.  Writing was done on manual typewriters, and you had to use a round gray … Continue reading

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Poultry in Motion

Poultry in Motion (for Judy and Zoey)     I see the day shift is under way; the chickens are in the yard, scratching and pecking around.  They belong to the nice family next door.  Judy is a New Hampshire Red and … Continue reading

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More New Apps

More New Apps     Our own government is recording, filtering and storing every text, tweet, burp, and fart we commit.  The air, water, and food we eat are poisoned by toxic chemicals, and giant corporations have become persons with more rights … Continue reading

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Epidemic     A foul pestilence creepeth across the land, a plague that threatens society itself.  This virulent pathogen is transmissible by word or voice, but primarily through the airwaves.  I speak of the malignant cancer that is libertarianism.  Much of the … Continue reading

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Sochi Olympics Report

Sochi Olympics Report     This may have been the first Olympics held in a third world country masquerading as a global power.  Early omens weren’t promising, either.  On the year or so journey of the torch, it went out 44 times.  … Continue reading

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