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Are You Offended?

Are You Offended?     What a nation of crybabies and whiners we have become. Apparently a lot of people think they have a right not to be offended. This would seem to be at odds with free speech, the right to … Continue reading

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Homeland Uber Alles

Homeland Uber Alles     It may be a dark night in America, but it’s morning here in the Homeland. That’s where you live. You may have been born an American, but you’re a Homelander, now. America is gone. You don’t believe … Continue reading

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Feast of Fools

Feast of Fools By Ascot Fitzgerald     I have been engaged by the editorial staff to give what is essentially a schoolboy’s book report.  I say engaged rather than employed, as I’m expected to provide this service without pay.  Ah, free … Continue reading

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American Vernacular 2014

American Vernacular 2014 By Village Idiom     Languages are living things; they grow, evolve, and reproduce regional dialects.  That’s why when it’s no longer used it’s called a dead language.  Words are that way, too.  In Japan there’s an old tradition … Continue reading

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