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Fake!     From the time Donald Trump descended that fake gold staircase at Trump Tower to announce his run for President — Jeez, has it been two years already? — everything he’s done has been pure fakery. That was the speech … Continue reading

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Being on Time

Being on Time     Yogi Berra wasn’t just a great baseball player; but also a master of unconscious tautology (“It ain’t over till it’s over”). The story goes that a player once asked him what time it was, and Yogi answered, … Continue reading

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Binky Goes Abroad

Binky Goes Abroad     The still-President-for-now just took his first trip abroad (Whoa — did somebody just say a broad? Take it easy, Binky). He hadn’t wanted to go at all, then he wanted the nine day trip shortened to five. … Continue reading

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The Amazing Nightshade Family

The Amazing Nightshade Family     Hardly a day passes that we don’t learn something new and interesting about our friends in the plant kingdom. To me, one of the most fascinating families of plants is the nightshade family, or Solanaceae. It … Continue reading

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