The Greatest Challenge

The Greatest Challenge

    The two beings met near the blue fire lake, which glowed as with an alcohol flame. Bright flashes and colors rippled through and between them. Various tiny gossamer creatures, lit from within, hovered around inquisitively, then flittered off to find other amusements. Shimmering, gaseous nebula painted the sky.
    Mentor, you asked to meet with me?
    Yes, I sense you have made your choice — a lifetime on Earth. I know you are diligent, and have been one of my better students. If you have made this choice it is because you feel ready. Never would I dissuade you from your decision, but I want to be sure that you understand what will be involved. A human incarnation on Earth is unlike any other physical manifestation. On this world, you will be separated from the reality you’ve always known, and will have no memories of your true being. This is why it is the greatest challenge.
    You have been there?
    Many times I lived there. It is a place of indescribable beauty and richness, an intricate web of interconnected life forms. The variety is truly astonishing. It is a paradise under deconstruction by the human inhabitants you are so eager to join.
    What makes them so?
    They have forgotten who they are, and so will you. They have separated themselves from the natural world which gives them life. They think they are better than the Earth. They also live in constant fear of it, because as with everything else, it is constantly changing. Most humans see all other life as an adversary to be controlled and managed. There must be order and certainty everywhere, but they fail to see what is before them, and around them. This, then, is the challenge: to rediscover your connectedness as a human being to the web of life, but beginning from the beginning. As your consciousness and awareness increases you will realize your duty as a member of that race, to help save it from itself. This will require multiple lifetimes should you choose to continue. Very few have “graduated,” as they say down there, the first time out. You may loose faith along the way, as so many others have done. This that you seek is no easy path, and I speak from experience. I always found the body to be a heavy thing in the gravity there. It’s a burden dragging it around all your life. At the same time, so to speak, the physical pleasures it offers can be intoxicating. Many become attached to their physicality and so when they pass from it, they are drawn back into the cycle again and again.
    It seems you have little hope for them.
    We always have hope, even in the darkest of darkness, but the situation is dire. Human existence hangs by a thin thread, and with it the existence of millions of other living things. I know that all I’m telling you will be lost after the forgetting, save within your deepest recesses, so I hope to plant some seeds that may sprout when you need them to. On Earth, you will see humans committing the most appalling acts upon each other, and it is happening everywhere on the planet. You will perhaps feel you have been marooned in some collective madness. And yet, when they are not butchering each other, humans have a nearly boundless capacity to form close bonds with not only each other, but with numerous other creatures. It is a supreme paradox. It is important that you know this: that each of these humans, the mad and the happy, the killers and their victims, all chose to incarnate on Earth. They all thought they were ready, as you do now.
    Mentor, why can we not live there and still be awake, still remember?
    It would be impossible to function on that physical plane, with the glory of the universe all around. It would be an information overload of sorts, and you could injure yourself or others. Only a very few have been able to pass through that world with total consciousness, and neither of us is among them. Still, as you learn and grow, you will perhaps perceive little glimpses of the greater reality. Allow me to plant a clue that was of great help to me. When you look into another’s eyes, whether that other is human or another animal, or even the smallest of creatures that have eyes, you will perhaps perceive it — yourself looking back at yourself. We are all the same self, the same being, and the eyes are the windows to that awareness. Also, there are cats, and these will greatly enhance your existence.
    Cats? What are they?
    Mysterious, wonderful creatures of many types, but I refer to the small ones people live with as companions. There’s a great mystery of some kind behind those inscrutable eyes. For me it’s worth another wallow in that pit of flesh just to be near them. Well, I see your path approaches. I hope that all this will help prepare you, or come to be of help later on. I shall eagerly await your return. Fare well.
    Approaching the transition portal the student was aware of an increasing force, like a psychic wind. I shall will myself to remain awake. I will remember . . . I will remember . . . what? I will . . . remember . . . I will . . . I . . .
    On the outskirts of a small village in southern Afghanistan, a baby girl was born.


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