Obama’s Secret Agenda

Obama’s Secret Agenda

    Barack Obama is a supremely gifted politician. He’s even had the Left fooled, (unless you check his voting record). While his operatives have successfully stirred up paranoia on the Right that Obama is coming for all our guns, the truth is that it’s all been a huge diversion. His plans are much more frightening and sinister. His real objective is to turn all Americans into gay black Muslims. When you’re finished laughing, keep reading. When I’m done, we’ll see who laughs last.
    You probably know about fluoridated water. Over 90% of the nation’s municipal water supplies contain fluoride, which is supposed to help prevent tooth decay, or something. Actually, fluoride is a waste product of aluminum production, and they just found a way get rid of it by dumping it into our water. But have you ever heard of melanin? It’s a natural plant or animal pigment, dark brown to black. Scientists at the Department of Health have chemically bound it to fluoride, and over a few years it will turn the skin dark. It’s also irreversible. The molecule can also be absorbed by the skin, so even if you drink bottled or purified water, you’ll absorb it when you bathe or shower. Besides, many bottled water companies have been compromised, as have most of the energy drinks. Look at your skin. Notice more freckles or brown spots? That’s how it starts. Obama had to be sure ACORN could steal this past election, so he could begin the program, which got under way earlier this month.
    That’s not all Obama has been up to, and here’s where it gets a little creepy. Gene therapy is widely used in medicine, supposedly to combat cancer and other chronic diseases. But a secret group under his control recently isolated the gene which determines sexual identity, and they can also switch it whichever way they want. The hormone produced by this gene is called bi-homoestranol, and it’s been put into all the flu vaccines. Gee, everybody is getting flu shots for this “new” virus, aren’t they? It’s flu season, everyone get their shots. It’s also in a range of other vaccines and injectable drugs, including insulin. Oh, the doctors don’t know what they’re putting into you; that’s on a need to know basis, and very few need to know. Like melanin, bi-homoestranol can be absorbed through the skin. That’s why it’s also being used in the varnish on wooden rifle stocks, the paint finish on General Motors pickups (why do you think Obama bailed out GM?), and the covers of Holy Bibles, as well as the ink on book jackets.
    Do you know about chemtrails? Look up in the sky — thousands of both military and passenger jets fly overhead every day. Some days there are so many of these chemtrails it looks like a network of some kind. And all those chemtrails have been seeded with melanin and bi-homoestranol. There’s no way to avoid it; your tinfoil hat will not avail you here.
    Well, you say, even if all that were true, Obama could never convert us to Islam. You’re right; we’re not the target, our children are. The answer has been creeping under our noses while it gains popularity; I’m talking about charter schools. They’re all secret madrasas, where our children will subtly be indoctrinated with Sharia Law, and a deadly host of Muslim doctrines. Oh, of course they don’t call them that, but it’s all there if you look closely enough. Hidden deep within all the new children’s stories, this poison is taking hold. This could never happen in the public schools, because the union teachers are too smart and well trained; they’d spot this propaganda in a country minute. This is why there’s a big push for the charter schools, which drain resources and funding from the public system, all of it according to plan. So take a closer look at books like Ahmed’s Little Camel, Humus Where the Heart Is, or Goodnight, (Crescent) Moon, then consider home schooling.
    Why is all this happening? Because Obama is simply obeying his overlords, the reptilian aliens who have been controlling human history for thousands of years under their cover, the Illuminati. It’s the New World Order. Obama is himself one of them, and he also has a 33rd degree Masonic Black Belt. Barack Obama is himself a gay black Muslim. He was born in Kenya, a fact confirmed by his grandmother. His original campaign slogan was “Kenya? Yes, ya can!” It was changed because it was too obvious. And did you know all of his suits are 100% Egyptian cotton? That’s because Obama is a member of the Muslin Brotherhood. And his “wife,” Michelle, is actually a man in drag. I’m not kidding. Have you seen Michelle in a sleeveless dress? I’ll buy a ticket to THAT gun show! His name is Craig Robinson, and when he’s not masquerading as the First Lady, he coaches the Oregon State men’s basketball team. Go ahead, Google his picture! That’s why you rarely see Michelle in the winter months (during basketball season), and you never see them together.
    Did you know that when Obama took his oath of office at his inauguration Jan. 21st, it was on a copy of the Koran? It came from the library of Thomas Jefferson. That’s right, Jefferson was a Muslim, too (in those days they were called Mohammedans). It will all be over by the end of Obama’s third term in 2020. Once we’ve accepted our reptilian overlords, it won’t be so bad being gay black Muslims. For one thing, it means an end of racism, and that’s a good thing. Plus, we’re all going to have a lot more natural rhythm. Now, there will be a few whose body chemistries will not be affected, and of course, they’ll be easy to spot. They are the ones the FEMA camps are intended for. I’ll tell you something else. The Haj, that annual pilgrimage to Mecca, is going to be a lot more, well, festive. Who would have thought that Glenn Beck and Alex Jones were right all along? They just didn’t go far enough.

Paranoia is simply getting all the facts. William S. Burroughs

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