Pharaoh Presents a Laptop to Osiris

Pharaoh Presents a Laptop to Osiris

   This is my favorite of the hundreds of art pieces I’ve done.  It was in this piece that Professor Prankheimer makes his first appearance.  I had to invent a faux author for the faux article.  You might say the Professor was born for it.  The inspiration for him was my Greek professor in college, Berkeley T. Peabody, one of the most eccentric persons I’ve ever met.  Prankheimer is the author of a couple posts you can find in the archives:  “Rules For Spanish Language Drama,” and “Dirty Lazy Poor People.”  I wanted you to get to know him a little better, because in the next month or so I will be conducting “Earnest Prankheimer:  the Interview.”  I shall attempt to interview my own character, possibly on many levels.  For a complete description of the piece below, as well as ordering information, click on the Red Bubble button at top of this page.

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