Are Republicans a Death Cult?

Are Republicans a Death Cult?

    If that sounds extreme, allow me to explain. Of course Republicans don’t go around killing people or practicing ritualized murder; that would be illegal. No, they do it more slowly, like death by a thousand (budget) cuts. Please understand I’m not talking about all Republicans, but those extremists who have taken over the party and purged the moderates. They have a long history of hostility towards immigrants, refugees, women, the poor, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and now we can add Muslims and Jews.
    The focus of their animosity is the poor. That comes from the Calvinist virus, which claims the wealthy are most favored of God, hence their blessings. By contrast the poor are immoral; they’re lazy, preferring government handouts to work. That philosophy was summed up a few years ago by Newt Gingrich, in reference to unemployment: “I’m opposed to giving people money for doing nothing.” Republicans are against taxes, which they consider taking money from people who work and giving it to those who don’t. They couldn’t care less about poor people; let them die in the gutter like dogs. This is beyond a mere lack of empathy, which makes them sociopaths. It’s aggressively mean-spirited.
    Have you looked closely at the GOP logo? It’s an elephant with three stars above it. The five-pointed star in American imagery always has the central point upwards. In 2000 the GOP reversed the stars, making it an inverse pentagram, symbol of the Devil. At the same time, they’re all about displaying their Christianity, which really is a death cult. If you doubt that, look at world history. No other force or movement has been responsible for more bloodshed, torture and murder. American history alone is rife with it. If you still doubt me, look at their central symbol: a dead man on a cross. But conspiracy theories and theology are debates for another time.
    Republicans hated “Obamacare” from the moment it was conceived (the same way they’ve hated the New Deal programs for 80 years). Now that they control the White House and Congress they promised repeal as their first priority, without even a replacement plan. After hordes of their own constituents angrily flooded town halls, they backed off and promised a replacement plan. Let’s have a look at it. Those with pre-existing conditions were covered under Obamacare. Now they’ll be but into high-risk pools, the idea being to lower costs for the rest of us (while pricing the sickest out of the market). Speaker of the House Paul Ryan explained, “The problem with Obamacare is the people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick.” Yes, Mr. Speaker, because THAT’S HOW INSURANCE WORKS! This guy is a high-functioning psychopath if there ever was one. After the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) scored the American Health Care Act, showing how it screws the poor while giving massive tax cuts to the rich, Ryan actually admitted that it validated what he had said, as if 14 million people losing their health care was a good thing.
    Those most in need will pay more and get less. The plan loses the government subsidies for low-income people, replacing them with tax credits. In other words, you have to come up with the money now, and later you can claim the tax credit. What if you don’t have the money now? It’s the same with these idiotic HSAs, health savings accounts. Again, most low-income Americans can’t afford to put away $1000 or more a month, because they don’t even have enough to cover a $1000 emergency. Most of them don’t have savings accounts, either. Talk about death panels.
    Medicare would be turned into a voucher program. Here’s $5000, Grandma, good luck. For Medicaid they’d turn it into a block grant program for the states. In the program as it is, government matches funds the states raise. The new plan effectively halves that amount in the form block grants to the states for specific amounts. Future inflation and rising health care costs would slowly bleed the program dry. In addition, some conservative states have used Medicaid funds for things like abstinence programs and counseling woman against abortions. And get this. Montana St. Senator Ed Buttrey actually introduced a bill with a work requirement for Medicaid. He put it this way: “We didn’t want to implement a plan that was another entitlement that just had a bunch of people signing up to get free, cheap, or subsidized health care.” Yeah, the filthy, lazy bums. They’re not entitled to health care.
    Here’s a very revealing Freudian-like slip. The White House doesn’t want the plan to be referred to as Trumpcare. A D.C. insider, Ryan Williams, told Politico: “Pretty much anything with the pejorative suffix on it –– ‘care’ — is going to be viewed unfavorably by conservatives.” That really says it, doesn’t it? ‘Care’ is pejorative suffix. And that’s because they really don’t care. They like to say they’re pro-life, which is a lie. They’re pro-fetus. Once the child is born, it can go to hell. A quarter of our children live in poverty, and that’s because of decades of Republican policies, followed by eight years of unremittingly obstructing President Obama’s attempts to improve conditions. They love their wars, though; more profits for the defense contractors. How can you be pro-life and not give a shit about the living?
    As always, Planned Parenthood must be defunded at all costs, and so it’s part of their replacement plan. 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities are abortion services; the other 97% used by over 2 million low-income women in things like cancer screenings and basic health care. Current government funding for PP is $300 million, about 30% of their budget.
    Republicans can at last cut the EPA to the bone, if not eliminating it entirely. You and your children being able to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and eating safe food is simply costing the multi-national corporations too much money. Those pesky government regulations are inhibiting growth and innovation (never mind that corporate profits are at an all time high in human history). It’s an old Republican trick called “starve the beast.” You keep cutting government programs until they can no longer function, then say “See? They don’t work. We need the private sector doing all these things.” They want to privatize — or as I like to call it piratize — every government function. President Steve Bannon said it himself at the recent CPAC convention, saying their agenda was “deconstructing the administrative state.” How much do you think it will cost to mail a letter then? Privately owned charter schools will replace public education, because the proles don’t need to be educated, anyway. Public libraries? Forget about it. All you have to do is look at the Cabinet this fascist has selected. These bastards are going to gut this country like a fish.
    So, are Republicans a death cult? Well, if their victims die slowly and agonizingly, instead of all at once, what difference does it make if the result is the same? Even their own Bible gives us a clue, in Matthew 7:20: “Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them.” I should clarify; that’s from the New Testament, which could have been written by the Democrats, being about love and tolerance. The Republicans are much more comfortable with the Old Testament and its wrath, judgment, and lots and lots of rules. If they aren’t a death cult, there can be little doubt that the Trump administration is. Their fruits gave them away.
    If they aren’t a death cult, I’ll settle for un-American and anti-Democratic. Turning away those who want a better life is anti-American. Demonizing people of other faiths and beliefs is un-American. Racism and bigotry is un-American, at least the ideal of it. Putting party over country is definitely un-American. From the moment Barack Obama took office, Republicans openly said they would obstruct everything he did. Even then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted his party’s number one priority would be to ensure that Obama is a one-term President. And what could be more un-American, traitorous even, then protecting a president and his administration who we know were in constant communications with a hostile foreign power — during his campaign — that was known to have tried manipulating the election. I thought people like this were shot. Or is it hanged?
    Republicans do not, and never have, believed in democracy. They know their ideas are bad for Americans, so they can only win elections by voter suppression and other means to disenfranchise likely Democratic voters. They have to cheat in one of our most democratic institutions. They’ve always been against unions and workers’ rights, too. Minimum wage laws and unemployment insurance were passed by Democrats under FDR’s New Deal, along with the Wagner Act, which permitted workers to form unions. A workplace is a monarchy, with the CEO or owner being King. Unions are simply a way of having democracy in the workplace. What’s more democratic than sharing profits more equitably with the very people whose labors create the wealth of a company? By the way, Social Security, the most popular and successful social program in our history, also came from the New Deal. Republicans have wanted to privatize it for decades, and now they can.
    Are Republicans a death cult? Maybe not, but they act as if they were. Now, I’m not a violent person, but if it were up to me, I’d simply frog march them all at gunpoint to the nearest coastline, and tell them to start swimming. That way if they drown, it’s not my fault. Blame the ocean.

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