The Republicans’ Big Putsch

The Republicans’ Big Putsch

Putsch \ n. (Ger): a secretly plotted and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government. In this case, state governments.

Step 1. Take advantage of a midterm election. Traditionally, the party of a new President loses seats in the next midterm, as happened Nov. 2010. So the GOP got out the vote and took the House, where all spending bills originate. More importantly, they gained about 700 seats in state legislatures, and eleven Governorships. There are now 21 states where Republicans have the trifecta; Governor, the Senate, and the House (in some states called the Assembly).

Step 2. Detonate the dirty bomb. Almost immediately these states began passing draconian austerity bills cutting wages and social programs, while giving huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. The main attacks were on public sector unions, stripping them of collective bargaining rights. The private sector unions being all but gone, the public unions are the leading contributors to Democrats, so they must go. But this spear has two tips; the other to stab what’s left of the working class through the heart. The loss of unions means less power for ALL workers. They’ll go after the minimum wage next.Keep in mind that Republicans are not and never have been interested in governing, that’s why they’re no damned good at it. They are concerned only with gaining and maintaining power, and at any cost. They’re going after teachers and teachers’ unions because they want to get rid of public education, and replace it with private schools. That way only the privileged class gets educated. Their ultimate goal is to privatize everything, police & fire departments, roads & highways, the utilities, everything.
   Let’s go back a bit. I’ve seen the wording in several states’ anti-union laws, and they look like they were written with the same hand. Maybe that’s because they WERE written with the same hand, ALEC’s hand. ALEC is the American Legislative Exchange Council. It’s a consortium – – perhaps cabal is the better word – – made up of corporate heads and billionaires, like the fabulous fascist Koch Brothers, for a good example. They draft model legislation, then pass it on to their minions in the state legislatures, ready to introduce on the floor. For more, see
   Now all this mischief has gotten folks pretty riled up. None of these Republicans mentioned ANY of this in their campaigns; it was all jobs, jobs, jobs. We know now that it was really lies, lies, lies. So people are pissed, and next election they’re going to vote these assholes out! This brings us to:

Step 3. Enact all kinds of ways to make it difficult, if not impossible, for “certain” people to vote at all. They’re the voter ID laws, hawked with the flimsy pretense that they’ll prevent the GOP’s favorite bugaboo, voter fraud. Never mind that the number of cases prosecuted with actual convictions is infinitesimal. They know voter ID laws mainly affect the elderly, the poor, and minorities, three groups who traditionally vote for Democrats. Republicans of the last several decades have absolutely no ideas to benefit anyone but the wealthiest and most powerful, and everyone knows it. So they only way they can win an election is to steal it. 75% of our votes are either done on electronic voting machines, or tabulated on them. These companies like Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia, are all owned by conservatives, and they’re private companies. Their software is proprietary and therefore beyond the examination of election officials. We’ve privatized the vote!Election fraud is only one of their games. Purging legitimate voters off the rolls, voter caging, and having very few machines in Democratic districts on election day, leading to long lines.

   Note also some of the states the Republicans now control since Nov. 2010, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania; all traditional Democratic strongholds. So if you think President Obama has a ghost of a chance to win those states in 2012, you should wake up and smell the latte. Once they regain control of the White House, House & Senate, that’ll be it. They’ll have everything in place. You can say goodbye to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, the National Labor Relations Board, the EPA, FDA, and OSHA. You might as well throw in child labor laws, food stamps, and unemployment benefits. By then it will be far too late for peaceful demonstrations, as they will be considered terrorist acts. The Founding Fathers emphasized that without an informed electorate, democracy cannot work. It should be every American’s duty to be politically aware, to question authority, to insist that those we elect to represent us are doing what we put them there for. The problem is that we’re up against the greatest propaganda machine in world history, and at the same time we have become a nation of fat, stupid, intellectually lazy people. Was that caused by the sleeping potion our media keeps feeding us, or is the media merely taking advantage of the situation? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear. – – William E. Gladstone

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